2021 Annual report



Letters to Aurora Owners



Bill Schuster


Chris Decker


As farmers, you are all too familiar with the concept of
change. You face constantly changing land, changing
prices, changing equipment, changing hands. You face
the inevitable every day, head on, with the determination
and grit in your hearts and minds that you learned from
lifelong lessons growing up on the farm. Lord knows our
changing world isn’t slowing down any time soon.
You have seen some of the most challenging problems for
not only your farm but your family throughout these past
two years. No one could have guessed the turn that the
world took at the start of 2020.

Yet, as you face this storm, you will never have to be alone.


We are dedicated to our employees and farmer-owners, to keep them and their families safe and healthy, to help them fulfill their goals and be a solution-oriented partner to help them navigate change, and to continue a century-long pride for our community.

We are ready. We are resilient. Together,
we are Aurora Coop.





Aurora Cooperative Energy has teamed up with the Ethanol Board to improve some of our bulk fuel facilities by adding ethanol storage, metering and blending equipment to seven bulk sites. 

Ethanol is a renewable, locally produced fuel. It has a higher octane than gasoline making it a premium blending product. Ethanol provides increased power and performance, whether used in low-level blends such as E10, E15, or higher blends like E85.

Ethanol also helps reduce emissions. The carbon dioxide released by a vehicle when ethanol is burned, is offset by the carbon dioxide captured when the feedstock crops, like corn, are grown to produce ethanol. This differs from regular gasoline and diesel, which are refined from petroleum. No emissions are offset when these petroleum products are burned alone.

An estimated 5.2 billion bushels of corn is expected to go to ethanol production in 2021-’22.

Your Corn, Your Ethanol is our belief and is one of the best ways to support our farmer owners, by promoting and selling the cleaner-burning, higher-octane ethanol blended fuels produced with local corn.

According to the Renewable Fuels Association, ethanol production creates jobs in rural areas where employment opportunities are needed. 

Ethanol production in 2020 accounted for more than 62,000 direct jobs across the country.




Collectively, we see the importance of protecting our farmer’s information. In this day and age, we see companies our size not recover from cybersecurity events. To protect the longevity of our company, the best way is to play to the preventative rather than the reactive. This will result in a group of people who’ve invested time and energy in the equity of our shareholders and the solutions to protect them. Knowing that it is not a matter of if, but when, a cyber-attack happens. We have set ourselves up by being away from threats as early as possible. One example is that we have anatomized our grower data, taking care to make sure any information we have about our growers is anonymous outside the walls of this company. “Even though we are not stockholders, we are stakeholders, and we care immensely about our growers’ security,” says Chris Holliday, Director of IT. 




The Aurora Cooperative mobile app allows farmers to connect to their operation from anywhere. Download the app to see bids and live markets, view invoices and statements, receive real-time scale tickets and sign contracts with just a touch of a finger. Customize your experience with this easy-to-use app and start connecting with Aurora Cooperative from wherever your farm is. 

“The Mobile App has been beneficial to my operation. There are a lot of great features with the harvest and grain features being my favorite. They really help keep my operation organized. It’s super easy to use and all your account information is right at your fingertips. I am able to pay my bill with just a couple of clicks. My payment information is stored and it sends me an email notification as soon as it’s complete. I really enjoy using it.

Tyson Wendt