We had the opportunity this year to come together with three of our valued industry partners, to combine resources to provide monetary assistance to multiple communities we serve. We know how important a helping hand can be within rural communities, which is why we were excited to work together to provide funds to help push these projects closer to reality. With matching funds from CoBank, CHS, and Land O’ Lakes, we were able to provide three different grant application opportunities, with a total of $20,000, for 12 different communities.

Along with these community partnerships grants, we were also able to participate in the FFA Blue Jacket Program with Syngenta. The blue corduroy jacket is one of the most symbolic pieces of FFA membership, and we were honored to help provide this to multiple chapters. 

FFA Blue Jacket Program $5,000 Match with Syngenta



Co-Bank $10,000 Match

    • Columbus Volunteer Fire Department – Fire & Rescue Training Facility 
    • Franklin Rural Fire Department – Grain Bin Rescue Equipment 

CHS $5,000 Match 

      • Glenvil Rural Fire Department – Grain Bin Rescue Equipment 
      • Shickley Volunteer Fire Department – 16 new Digital Radios 

Land O’Lakes $10,000 Match 

      • Fillmore Beef Boosters – Provide beef for school lunch
      • Fairmont Senior Center – Food Pantry Renovation
      • Giltner Public School – Greenhouse Supplies
      • Hubbell Women’s Club – Building Improvements at Community Center
      • Blue Hill Community Foundation – Blue Hill Pool Project
      • City of Harvard – Parks beautification and Recreational development (Sand Volleyball Court)
      • Village of Gresham – Park beautification and playground equipment
      • Campbell Area Foundation – Building improvements to community Center 
      •   115 Communities supported through 2021 donations 
      • 375 donations 



Aurora Coop internship hiring statistic of the past four years:


2018 Class: 67% hiring rate - added 4 of the 6 eligible interns


2019 Class: 80% hiring rate - hired 4 of the 5 eligible interns


2020 Class: 100% hiring - hired 1 of the 1 eligible interns

The 2021 internship class was composed of 11 interns in 9 different locations from the communities of Sutton, Coleridge, Burwell, Hordville, Omaha, Minden, Aurora, Ravenna, Corpus Christi, Texas and Tyndall, South Dakota.

Our interns spent their summer working in an array of our divisions, including: Aurora Agronomy, Prairie Valley, Marketing, Minden Agronomy, Real Farm Research, Ethanol Plant, Tyndall South Dakota Agronomy and Clarks Agronomy.

The best part: our 2021 internship class was able to be back in person and action at their locations!

 Through this year of constant change, we are proud and grateful for our interns who took the first step towards a successful career. We were fortunate to grab some words from our interns:

“Hands-on experience, real-life responsibility and a wealth of knowledge, is all what I gained from my time as a Marketing Intern with Aurora Cooperative. If you are looking for a challenging, yet rewarding experience, an Aurora Cooperative Internship is what you need.”

Emma Hoffschnieder

Aurora Cooperative Intern

“Working as an intern with Aurora Cooperative
& Prairie Valley the last two summers has given
me firsthand experience to how much everyone
cares about the farmer. Being a farmer myself,
my family has worked with Aurora Cooperative
to provide multiple inputs for our operation, so
I knew the wide range of services they provided.
However, it wasn’t until I was an intern, that I saw
all the hard work that goes in behind the scenes to
ensure their customers are happy.”

Caden Schuster

2021 Intern



We are dedicated to the future of our communities, not only to provide jobs and sponsorships throughout our small towns, but also to be a resource and positive influence on the youth who are looking to start their education and careers off on the right foot. We are happy to have awarded scholarships to 15 outstanding students in 2021. 


5 scholarship winners were recipients of $1,000 each.

  • Blake Frink 
  • Kara Kniep 
  • Wyatt Reese 
  • Kailey Ziegler 
  • Samuel VonSpreckelsen

10 scholarship winners were recipients of $500 each. 

  •  Camden Humphrey 
  • Cody Hubl 
  • Coltin Hansen 
  • Hammah Holtmeier 
  • Ira Chase Cotton 
  • Josh Swartzendruber 
  • Levin Lennemann 
  • Makenna Dornhoff 
  • Megan Kotas 
  • Page Nippert

“It means a lot to me to be a recipient of this scholarship as I feel that it is a true honor to be chosen. Also, the Aurora Cooperative scholarship is very special to me as I have grown up around the cooperative whether it was going to pick up dog food or hopping in and out of trucks to go get popcorn when I was younger. Aurora Cooperative has made a huge impact not only on my community but my life. They donate to numerous different foundations and events to help give the community and their members a strong base. Also, when I attended Sandy Creek Jr/Sr High School, Aurora cooperative was strongly involved in the mentorship program. I happened to be lucky and received two amazing mentors with Dawn Caldwell and Ryan Schroer that opened my eyes and helped in narrowing down my career path.”  

Samuel Vonspreckelsen

Scholarship Winner

“I am very honored to be one of this year’s Aurora Cooperative scholarship recipients. The generosity of Aurora Cooperative will help me reach my goal of becoming a wildlife conservationist, while I also continue to be involved in agriculture and my family’s commercial cattle herd. Aurora Cooperative is one of the biggest employers in my small town. This brings many people into town to work and to shop in our local stores. Also, it is nice having access to ag products and supplies without having to travel to a bigger community.” 

Kara Kniep

Scholarship Winner