Capital Investments


October 31, 2020, Halloween night, is a night we will always remember. On top of everything 2020 brought, our Superior East grain elevator suffered an explosion that threatened to rock our harvest. With every obstacle, the team proved to be resilient and ready for the challenge. For a process that industry professionals deemed to take 18 months to complete, we were able to accomplish this massive feat in a mere 11 months! The entire executive, leadership and Aurora Cooperative community came together with the same motivation and goal in mind to get the grain elevator up and running by harvest. Nate Panko and Nate Johnson provided vital elements as contracting and area managers, acting as the eyes and ears on the project to see the success through. While we focused heavily on repairing the damage to the Superior East grain elevator, we upgraded several parts of the facility including: increasing the two main receiving pits from 20,000 bushels to 30,000, adding a seasonal pit, upgrading from free-standing bulk ware to 80,000 bulk ware and adding 600,000 bushel steel Sukup bin.

With our hard working team, late nights and determination, the grain elevator was able to run 11 months after the explosion. We are proud of this accomplishment and look forward to the future of our Superior East location.